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Serge Ramelli Presets

While I can't speak to those presets specifically, I found using presets for Adobe Camera Raw, and actions in Photoshop, really helped flatten the learning curve, as I used them as a tool for learning.

Serge Ramelli Presets

Nevertheless, here's my take on presets. They can be more of a pain than a solution. For me anyway. Here's why, every scene and style of photography I shoot is different. And, I shoot a huge variety of stuff including pics for videos. And every lighting and WB I shoot in is different. As a result, a preset would need to be adjusted depending on what outcome I seek. In the past, I've used presets for various conditions like lens profiles and camera combos, cinematic looks, night sky landscapes and NR, etc... And, had to make adjustments to every preset depending on the outcome I wanted. Thus for me I prefer to edit as I see fit vs preset. With that said, Presets are a great tool if you can fit them in your workflow, and if you use them a lot, they are worth it.

I have also watched a lot of his videos and as a result never felt the need to use presets. I think he explains what he does in enough detail to be able to get most of his effects - set white and black points, turn up vibrance, add magenta (you know the drill) - without paying for them.

Lightroom presets are just a pre-planned set of steps: if you open one in a text editor you can see what all the settings are. I understand that they are useful for getting a lot done with a single click, even if you then continue adjusting afterwards. As such, you could always develop your own presets.

Presets are one of the most important tools in your LR arsenal. That being said, since Adobe launched dual format presets they are a major pain in the you know what to manage. Now, presets can be stored in what up to 4 different places depending on whether you store them with catalog or using old or new format? I get a major panic attack just thinking about it.

Serge Ramelli presets were created by a popular French photographer that mainly works in city and landscape genres. His tools offer a mix of tender, grainy, matte, cool hues, realistic-looking effects, and soft, impactful, and cinematic tone combinations. At the end of this article, you'll also be able to find free alternatives to his presets.

Ramelli created these looks when working with landscapes, meaning this collection is the perfect choice for landscape photography. The included presets emphasize the beauty of nature by enhancing some of the hues and shades.

After editing similar images for years, Serge put together a bundle of Everyday Natural presets that contains effects for different times of the day: broad daylight, golden hour, sunrise/sunset, blue hour, night, and long exposure photography. Each time requires specific white balance and tone parameters to accommodate the lighting and these presets are designed to do most of the tweaking for you.

This collection of Serge Ramelli presets was created for portrait photography. The provided tools add depth and drama to the photo while enhancing greens, increasing their brightness, and applying a stylish matte finish to the entire image.

The included effects properly define shadows and emphasize the brightest image parts. The provided presets also let you introduce a stylish Hollywood warm/teal tint or a barely noticeable cold look to enhance the atmosphere of your photo even further.

After retouching the same type of photos for years I developed certain preset styles for different times of the day: Broad Day light, Golden Hour, Sunset, Blue Hour, Night and Long Exposure photography. Each type of light needs a very specific white balance, different colors and contrast. By using these presets you will have a great starting point to retouch your own photos and most of the heavy lifting is done for you. It is also a great way to learn. These are my most personal and advanced presets. 36 amazing presets in total.

My ultimate preset collection, containg every preset package I use and sell on my website. Over 770 Lightroom presets, 60 Photoshop Camera Raw Presets and sample Raw files to work with. Transform any photo instantly with these Lightroom presets or get a great starting point and adjust to get to where you want.

Serge Ramelli is a professional landscape photographer and educator with over 420,000 followers on Youtube. He started his career over 12 years ago and since then has created over 400 photo-editing tutorials and hundreds of presets to share his experience and artistic view with millions of photography enthusiasts all over the world.

Local Lightroom Retouching: The starting point to every great photo! The difference between amateur and pro photos are always in the details. With professional local adjustments, you can really make photos dramatic and create amazing lighting. I have used these presets time after time and they always help me bring my photo from good to great, or great to amazing. Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. (Lightroom Brushes are not supported on Lightroom CC yet.)

If you enjoyed learning How to Create That Urban High Contrast Desaturated Look in Lightroom, then chances are you will like learning how to create dramatic black and white photos with Lightroom presets. In this tutorial, Serge Ramelli again teaches us some methods for editing in Lightroom. Whether you are an enthusiast of the program or just getting started and want to add a dramatic touch to your black and white photos, check out this video.

If you liked Ramelli's last tutorial, this one is definitely worth a watch; you can even sign up using your email and get a free download of the presets. I think this type of editing can definitely work great and be a wonder for your workflow. However, you still have to make sure you are spending time with each image. Simply applying a preset won't make your images great; you definitely need to take the time to adjust each one; otherwise, the style can look overdone and honestly, make your image worse. Take a few minutes and check this one out; let us know if you have any Lightroom tricks of your own. If you want to find more tutorials from Serge Ramelli, you can check out more videos on his website.

I've been using serge's courses for a couple of years now, some free courses and some that I've purchased. I've found the courses very helpful and has not only have they dramatically improved my post processing skills but also helped give plenty of ideas and new skills when out shooting photos. Any occasional issues have always been sorted quickly by Patrik in the support team.

I recently bought some presets and then realised I had used the wrong email for my account. I sent a message off to Support and Patrick came back almost straight away and had fixed the problem.Serge and his team are dedicated to their photography passion and service to clients.So, if you want good service and inspirational photography tutorials your in the right place.

Hi friends, the first times I saw some footage of Serge, I confess I was a bit skeptical. Then I bought the package of presets and filters at a discounted price and my photos have changed for the better considerably. Later I purchased a new package "Confession of art of Photography", I had to solicit the download but than it all worked out quickly. Thank you Serge for all your patience and attention, in my opinion you are a great prof. And thanks to you, I'm learning a lot.

I recently downloaded Serge's 2020 Toolbox and purchased his associated Lightroom presets. Then I purchased his Fine Arts training series. I purchased the presets as part of this series not realizing they were the same Lightroom presets as the first set. I sent a request to customer service on the weekend and on Monday had a reply that my reimbursement was taken care of. Now that's fast after sales service. Perhaps marketing could make it clearer on the website to identify the presets better.As a side note, I have learned many new tricks and techniques watching Serge's training programs using Lightroom, Photoshop, and Aurora HDR - all software that I use. I would never pay over $400 USD for this (I'm Canadian, so the cost would be well over $600 CDN for me). But the cost of $27 USD was spot on and I could not resist.Thanks to the team at PhotoSerge. Keep up the great work.FYI... I get a good chuckle when Serge applies his "American" accent during his training!

Hello Tin, it does sound really weird, sorry you had to go through that. We have not experienced that before. Did you contact our support team to fix the issue?Maybe tried another browser? In any case I would love for your to contact this email: to fully handle your issue or refund you if necessary. Thank you.

Well as a beginner of Lightroom and Photoshop and like most people bought and download free presets, brushes, actions etc but even though I'm learning to use both of the above programs I prefer serge. Presets etc. And along with the videos you soon start progressingJust my view try it and see what you thinkTerry

I purchased a set of LR tutorial with presets, brush presets and source files. The tutorials were detailed and pointed and the presets made such a difference in my photography. I did run across one problem and sent an email to photoserge. Within 48 hours I had the response I needed, in the detail I required, to carry on! Thank you!

This package comprises a total of 38 presets. I've gathered Inside this set some of the very well-known effects which have been successful for me over recent years. This is countless hours of study Available at a Click!

Photographer Serge Ramelli captures a lot of landscape images. He often edits them using his own presets, but what about his in-camera settings? We join him in Los Angeles in Paris in the video below, in which he'll discuss his favorite camera settings when shooting landscapes.

Additional tools include a new Polarize filter and Radial Masking tool, brand new presets contributed by Ratcliff and other artists, and revamped tone mapping and bracket merging for more realistic or fantastical-looking photos. The app also includes enhanced noise reduction, gradient masking tool, an image resize and sharpen on export feature, faster raw conversion, and improved DNG support. 350c69d7ab


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