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Empire Total War

Empire: Total War features approximately fifty 18th century factions; however, only eleven of the most powerful and influential factions of the era are playable at the beginning. In western Europe, the main factions are Great Britain, France, the United Provinces and Spain, while eastern Europe is represented by Sweden, Prussia, Austria, Russia and Poland-Lithuania. In the Middle East, the Ottoman Empire is depicted as a dominating faction for Islam, while the Maratha Confederacy and Mughal Empire are the major powers on the Indian subcontinent. The New World colonies of the major powers are represented as protectorates of their respective home nations. The establishment of key nations during the era, such as Revolutionary France and the United States, and the fall of native states to the larger empires is reflected in the game. Smaller factions, including the less powerful German and Italian states, Native American tribes, North African countries, and the Crusaders of St. John are also represented. Each faction varies in territory, strengths and specialities.

Empire Total War

The main campaign of Empire: Total War involves a player choosing a faction and moving to forge an empire across the 18th century world. Each faction controls various historical provinces, each with a central town, and one or more ports if they are coastal settlements. The player can produce armies and navies to take and defend provinces by military means, or adopt diplomacy and politics to make advances in the game. In addition, players can use economics and religion to their advantage, as well as clandestine means such as espionage and assassination. The campaign mode is turn-based, allowing the player to attend to all needs of their faction before ending their turn and allowing the artificial intelligence to make all other factions' moves. Each turn represents six months.

This strategy game involves historical battles that take place from 1700 to the early 1800s. Players manage a historical empire, including thousands of troops and sea vessels that can attack enemy countries. While much of the battle preparation and fighting takes place on land and sea maps, players can also direct their units into turn-based combat involving cannons, guns, and other explosives. Some of the more intense depictions of violence are contained within cutscene sequences: an army of British soldiers ambushed by French soldiers; the aftermath of soldiers massacred on the battlefield with small pools of blood surrounding their bodies; a man being executed at the chopping block as the camera fades to red. The game also allows players to build up their country's economy, which can include the construction and management of tobacco plantations and wineries. Profanity (e.g., "sh*t") can occasionally be heard in the dialogue.

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