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Erasure - Discography (38 CD) 19 PATCHED

In addition, Diavolo and King Crimson become "intangible" during time erasure, allowing attacks to pass through them, as the moment that the attack would have hit was erased. However, this also means Diavolo himself is unable to attack while King Crimson's time erasure is active.[9] As a result, he often relies on the ability to avoid attacks and move into advantageous positions, such as an enemy's blind spot, then by using King Crimson's great destructive power, Diavolo launches attacks that are timed to make contact the moment the ability ends.[9] He may also use said intangibility for a brief period of time in order to cause an attack to pass through him and hit a different target. However, Diavolo is also able to splatter his own blood onto an enemy's projection in anticipation of blinding them, as the blood is part of his body, the only thing he can interact with while the ability is active.[9]

Erasure - Discography (38 CD) 19

Epitaph is a sub-Stand that acts as a complement to King Crimson's primary ability of time erasure. Epitaph gives Diavolo/Doppio the ability to see into and "forecast" up to ten seconds into the future.[10][7] The future vision is usually represented as an image on the inside of their bangs, however it seems to be able to be projected anywhere, as seen in Diavolo's fight with Bucciarati.[11]


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