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Robert Green
Robert Green

Portable Raysource V2 1 10 Zip

Weighing 19 pounds the XRS4 is significantly larger and heavier than other Golden Engineering generators. A 370 kv generator that penetrates more than 1.5 inches of steel and weighs less than 25 pounds is still considered extremely portable by industry standards.

Portable Raysource V2 1 10 Zip

Starting with the launch of XLamp XP-E White LEDs in 2008, XLamp XP & XT LEDs have set the standard for high-power lighting-class LEDs with an unbeatable combination of optical control, efficiency and reliability. With a wide range of colors and performance options, XP/XT LEDs deliver leading output and efficacy to many LED lighting applications, including outdoor, architectural, transportation, portable and horticulture.

Most people in the mining industry are aware of portable XRF analyzers. They are held in the hand and are used on rock faces, in mines, and on geological samples to identify the elements. The results from the analyzers help mining operators and geologists make decisions about drilling, relocation, metal concentrations and mine mapping. They are invaluable at the mine site because they are small enough to do real-time analysis in the field. However, since a sample is irradiated with high energy x-rays from a controlled x-ray tube, some people have questioned its safety.

While the radiation emitted from a portable XRF analyzer is similar to the exposure received in a normal medical or dental x-ray, care must be taken to always point a handheld XRF analyzer directly at the sample and never at a person or a body part. However, radioactive material is considered a hazardous material (HAZMAT) for the purposes of transport. This means that the transportation of a portable XRF device containing radioactive sources is regulated. (You can learn more about X-Ray technology in this free ebook.)


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