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Phoenix - Alpha Zulu

Pascal Teixeira's cover art for Alpha Zulu and accompanying singles is an edited portion of the 1478 painting Madonna col Bambino mediante otto angeli by Sandro Botticelli.[10] The inspiration for the title came from Mars hearing "alpha zulu" over an airplane radio during a bout of turbulence.[11] The words come from the ICAO alphabet, also known as the NATO phonetic alphabet; Alpha would phonetically be used for the letter A, and Zulu for the letter Z.

Phoenix - Alpha Zulu

MARS: It is urgent. It is. I was on a small plane - on those small airplanes, sometimes when you are in the co-pilot seat with the same headphones I'm wearing right now, and the flight had turbulence. And I would hear alpha zulu, alpha zulu, drop altitude. And I guess this stayed with me. 041b061a72

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