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Where Can I Buy A Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Made in America, designed to last, the Concept 2 rowing machines offer a comprehensive fully transferable warranty. From home gyms, to Olympic training centers, to major professional sports teams, Concept 2 has been put to the test time and again.

where can i buy a concept 2 rowing machine

If you want a compact way to work nearly every muscle in the body, a rowing machine is a potential answer. Luckily, eBay has plenty of both new and used Concept2 rowers offered for sale. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you.

Concept2 is a reputable rowing machine company based in Vermont which has been manufacturing fitness equipment since 1976. The Model E Indoor Rower is no exception and comes with a decent warranty, making it a reliable choice.

The Concept 2 Model E rowing machine is 8 feet long and can be quickly divided into two parts without having to use any tools. The front caster wheels make it very easy to push the fan wheel out of the way and store it. Compared to Concept2 Model D, Model E has an elevated seat height of 6 inches, making it easier for seniors and people with limited mobility to get on and off the machine.

The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and durable rowing machine for home use. Its design and great additional features make it particularly well-suited for seniors or people with less mobility, as the additional height of the seat and easy assembly make it more accessible.

The rowing machine is also a great choice for anyone who wants a full-body, low-impact workout, as it provides an effective cardiovascular workout and engages multiple muscle groups at once. The various computer features and wireless technology also make it a good choice for people who want to track their progress and use fitness apps to enhance their workout experience.

The Concept2 Model E is a rowing machine with a frame length of 95 inches (244 cm) and a seat height of 20 inches. It weighs 65 pounds and has a maximum user weight capacity of 500 pounds.

It's worth comparing WaterRower vs Concept2 rowing machines when kitting out your home gym. The two well-known brands each bring something unique to the machine, so we'll help you settle on the best option for your setup.

Both also produce some of the best rowing machines, but there are significant differences. The popular Concept2 Model D uses air resistance to power your workouts and is a regular feature at many gyms and fitness centers.

Meanwhile, the WaterRower opts for a water-based resistance system that closely mimics the rowing experience. The company produces several machines, though our WaterRower Natural review found that model one of the top choices.

The Concept2 RowErg is an excellent value, durable rowing machine for home workouts, with industry-standard metrics and a foldable design, but few features. The air-based resistance system is easily adjustable, too.

In this article we share 5 essential tips for Concept 2 rowing machine maintenance to help get the best from your rower. Concept 2 rowergs have a well deserved reputation for reliability. In fact Concept 2 rowing machines are so robust that there's a good chance it will last as long as you are physically able to row on it and it can be handed down to the next generation!

To maximise the life of the machine, maintain resale value and allow you to achieve peak performance you'll want a rowerg that runs nice and smoothly. You'll also want to avoid any problems cropping up mid-workout which can be super-frustrating when you are on target for a personal best! And of course a well maintained machine will have a higher resale value. So read on to find our top tips for how to maintain your Concept 2 RowErg indoor rowing machine.

All the effort and force you put into every rowing stroke is transmitted to the flywheel through the rowing machine chain. Lots of us store machines in a garage and that can be a damp, cold, dusty and dirty environment which isn't great for the machine's health, the metal chain in particular. While the chains are strong and generally extremely robust, you'll want to make sure you keep them that way - so checking them should form an important part of your Concept 2 maintenance routine.

A top Concept2 rowing machine maintenance tip is to clean and oil the chain periodically. How often should you oil the chain? Concept 2 recommend doing it every 50 hours of usage - so that might be a few times a year depending upon how much the machine is used, but also bear in mind the environment it's stored in and use your eyes to gauge if it needs attention more often. To oil the chain you can just put a teaspoon of oil onto a cloth or paper towel and wipe it up and down the full length of the chain. Don't over apply the oil as it can become a bit of a magnet for dust and dirt and you'll find yourself having to clean and re-apply the oil more often!

When you enter the recovery phase of your rowing stroke and the handle pulls you gradually back towards the catch position it's the bungee cord that's pulling you back. If this gets tired or worn out, then you are not going to benefit from as strong a recovery phase so this is an important aspect of Concept 2 rower maintenance. If the handle barely retracts at all when you release it, it may be completely broken or have become disconnected. Don't worry though, it's possible to adjust this and in the worst case there's a fairly cheap replacement bungee part (Concept 2 call this the "shock cord") and it's something most people will be able to do for themselves with a bit of patience. The bungee is located in the front part of the machine underneath the handle rack and is fairly easy to adjust or replace - for more info on replacement see here.

Does your Concept2 rowing machine seat run smoothly up and down the slide ("monorail")? When you take the seat to the end of the rail and release it, does it slide quietly and evenly back to the start position? If not then you will be losing some performance due to this unnecessary friction. Read on to understand how to clean your Concept 2 rower slide and seat rollers.

If cleaning the seat rollers and the slide doesn't help then you might need to figure out if either the slide is damaged or the rollers are past their best and perhaps dented. In either situation you can get spare parts from Concept 2 - they are brilliant at providing spares for pretty much anything to do with the rowing machine, which is why even old machines can represent great value if maintained correctly.

More generally you may also want to regularly dust or wipe down the rest of your Concept 2 rowing machine, this ensures it looks good and if you keep the outside of the flywheel free of dust it will minimize the amount of dust that can be sucked which can affect the flywheel...

Over time as you workout the flywheel on your Concept 2 rowing machine will tend to accumulate dust and debris and may well benefit from a clean out. You can check this with a flashlight and then open up with a screwdriver and use a vacuum to clean the flywheel interior if required. Eric Murray explains more in the video below.

Updating the firmware isn't like the other items on this Concept 2 maintenance list, in that it won't stop your machine from physically working. But if you want a trouble-free life then updating firmware is definitely a good idea. You'll find that the latest PM5 firmware versions have fewer bugs, more features, and connect to your phone or tablet more reliably. Here at asensei if there's ever a problem connecting to a rowing machine the first thing we'll suggest is to update the firmware. There have been so many firmware updates since we first released our app and over time this has helped the Bluetooth connectivity become much more reliable - by using the latest firmware you ensure it's easier to connect to Bluetooth, it's more reliable and the connection to your phone can re-establish itself automatically if there's an interruption during a session. So what are you waiting for - get upgrading!

Follow these Concept 2 rowing machine maintenance tips and you should avoid the majority of issues with your rowerg and keep it running perfectly, giving you trouble free and high performing workouts for many years to come.

DISCLAIMER - make sure you follow the Concept 2 rower maintenance guidelines and if your rower is showing signs of wear and tear, be proactive and stop rowing until you have it resolved. However rare a problem is, it's better to fix your machine than your body! For more information see this Concept 2 troubleshooting guide.

Cleaning the Concept 2 rower handle is a great idea for hygiene since it's one of the main parts of the machine that your body comes into contact with. Accumulated dirt can also mean the rowing machine handle becomes a little slippery when wet, such as when you are working out with sweaty hands. For these reasons cleaning the handle is a good habit as part of your Concept 2 rower maintenance.

The best place to find Concept 2 replacement parts for rowing machines dating back to the model A, right through to the latest RowErgs is online - a great starting point is the Concept 2 Parts Store. There are also loads of useful guides on how to replace and repair the machines.

The catch is where you start the stroke, the drive is where you you engage your legs and back, the finish is the fully extended stroke position, and the recovery is where you bring yourself back to neutral before beginning the next stroke. Each of these components must be fully completed to experience the maximum benefit of this machine.

In the finish, you finally begin to move your arms, pulling them all the way back into your abdomen. Your legs should be fully extended with your torso leaning back slightly beyond 90 degrees. At this point, every muscle in your body should be active, either pulling or pushing different areas of the rowing machine.

After reaching peak muscle activity, you must return your body back to its starting position for the recovery. Extend your arms over your legs and hinge at the hips to move your trunk forward before bending your knees. As you compress your body, slide the seat forward into the catch position in preparation for your next stroke. All four phases of this workout with the rowing machine should be executed in a smooth, continuous, and fluid manner. 041b061a72


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